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I am currently hard at work on a major iOS project at Possible Mobile

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Full Stack Ruby on Rails app with JavaScript, that consumes IRS and county health data, along with Google Maps, Geocoding, and OAuth. It allows users to interact with socio-economic data for states, counties, and zip codes

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Pet Picker

A swipe based matching app for pet adoption. Our team created a Swift iOS app, a React web front end, and a Rails API with a Postgres database. Logged in users swipe through cute puppies and kittens to create matches

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Connect Four

Implementation of classic game as a full stack Ruby on Rails app with a secure user login, multi-tenancy with admins, trophies and top scores stored in a PostgreSQL database, and a game board that uses CSS grid.

Check out my blog post, Deploying a Go App to Heroku

Fun fact - I used to work in film and television. Check out my IMDB